What to Expect When You Renovate Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. For most families, if they were to consider what room they do the most in and spend the most time in, it would more than likely be the kitchen.

Since the kitchen is the heart of any house, renovating this and keeping it up to date with current trends is important to most homeowners. After all, when people visit the home, they most often always congregate in the kitchen.

Remodeling a kitchen is a huge ordeal. It requires careful planning and organization to get this completed in a timely manner and to get it how you have always dreamed of it being!

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With this being said, here are the top 7 things to remember when you are planning a kitchen renovation, plus 10 mistakes to watch out for:

17 Tips When You Renovate Your Kitchen


  1. The current layout of the kitchen
  2. Cabinet spaces
  3. Functionality
  4. The Appliances
  5. The Architectural integrity of the home
  6. Is the remodel for listing or living in the home?
  7. The headroom in the kitchen

…plus 10 mistakes to avoid. See below!

1. Your Kitchen Layout Now

What is your kitchen layout like now? Is this working for you? What things would you change? It is a must for you to consider the layout of the kitchen and what is working and not working right now.

This can be the first step in knowing what renovations that you need to do first. Remember, you want your kitchen to be beautiful but also functional!

2.  Cabinet Spaces

Along with the cabinets that are in the kitchen now, where could you add more?

Remember, the more cabinets you have the more organized your kitchen will be. Also, remember that a kitchen renovation is not complete without new cabinets.

However, new cabinets don’t have to be used as you could opt for painting these cabinets.

Painting cabinets is a great way to bring life to those old cabinets and make them more updated. Plus, it is a great way to renovate a kitchen without a ton of mess!

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3. Functionality

How functional is the current kitchen? You need to make any changes that are necessary in order to make this kitchen more functional.

Many people opt for a kitchen remodel to change the beauty in the room, but the functionality is just as important!

Need more counter space? Now is the time to decide on this and make it happen.

4. The Appliances

Consider the appliances that you are using in the kitchen, are you updating them? And if you do, are you going to need larger spaces for these items?

Remember, you do not have to have top of the line everything…you could choose something cheaper in order to get the kitchen of your dreams.

Keep space in mind as you do not want to sacrifice cabinets for a large stove that has two extra burners…chances are you may not use these two extra burners enough to warrant removing cabinets.

5. The Architectural Integrity

You want the kitchen design to flow with the rest of the home. If this stands out too much, you are going to find that it could be a turn off to those who come into the home.

If the entire home is outfitted with a retro look, then a retro style kitchen is going to fit right in. Talking with a designer can help out with this step as they will know what will work in a sale, while also allowing a bit of your personality to shine through.

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6. Living or Listing?

Are you living here or listing the home? This can greatly affect the renovation of your kitchen. For those who are going to live here, they need to think of their kitchen renovation as a way to please themselves.

For those who are looking at this renovation as a way to sell their home, they will want to go a bit more traditional in what they decide to choose.

7. Headroom

Did you know that having cabinets that do not go to the ceiling is wasting headroom in a kitchen? This will not only give you more storage, but this also helps to keep the kitchen up to date.

Many of those kitchens that do not utilize headroom as they should be are simply outdated. Also, consider ideas like allowing pots and pans to hang from the ceiling so that you are using even more of the headroom.

10 Mistakes to Watch Out For When Refurbishing Your Kitchen

Along with the top 7 things to remember when you renovate a kitchen, there are some mistakes that you are going to want to know so you can avoid them!

These mistakes include:


8. Don’t forget about the small little things that can make a huge difference such as pantry pullouts or lazy Susan’s. If you put these in while renovating, you will save yourself a lot of time later trying to do this after the renovation is over.


9. Remember that the kitchen is also a working space. So be sure that you are not planning out something that is going to make cooking in this room worse. Most people prefer the “work triangle” that is meant to make it easier to move from one station to another.


10.  Don’t settle when it comes to counter space…think big!


11. DIY may be great, but when it comes to a kitchen renovation, you are going to find that a professional is the way to go. Professionals will get it done faster and it will often times look even better than you imagined.


12.  Protect the neighboring rooms from dust and debris that may be going on in your kitchen. You do not want to have to clean up the entire house every day due to the renovation that is going on in the kitchen!


13. Remember your budget…you want to get this kitchen renovation completed and if you run out of money part way, your kitchen will never get completed.


14. Don’t forget that a kitchen renovation is an upgrade. Therefore, keep this mindset when you are getting the bills for the work that is being done. This will add value to your home.


15. Always choose new appliances after the renovation is done. Too many people make the mistake of choosing their appliances first and planning their kitchen around them. That is not the best way to go as it could make the renovation process harder.


16. Above all else, have fun! A renovated kitchen is going to breathe new air into your home. While it may seem stressful at first, be sure that you have fun…it will be over, and you will love the new look to your kitchen.


17. Traditional is not always the way to go. Think outside of the box and when a professional recommends an idea, give it some thought. It could be the one element that makes the kitchen shine.

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If you are ready to renovate your kitchen, remember that this is not something that you can decide overnight. Take time to decide which options you want and what you really need.

If you take time and remember these aspects, you will find that you have a dream kitchen renovation!

If you have been putting off a kitchen renovation, there is no time like the present to get a kitchen that is magazine worthy.

Request a quote from me today and let’s discuss refabulating your kitchen!


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