How to Take Your Kitchen From Drab to Fab: The Ultimate Refabulated Guide. Aftercare (Part 7/7)

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Thinking about renovating your kitchen, or getting your kitchen cabinets painted? You probably have tons of questions.

Over the next month and a half, we’ll take you step by step through the process in our 7-part How to Take Your Kitchen From Drab to Fab: The Ultimate Refabulated Guide series. We’ll go through the details to give you the kitchen makeover you deserve.

New to the series? Read part 1, where we start from the beginning and help you figure out everything you need to know before you begin your kitchen transformation.

In this final part of our series, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know to make sure your beautiful new kitchen lasts as long as possible. You’ve put in the time, money, and effort, so taking care of your new kitchen is essential.

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Caring For Your Newly Painted Kitchen


Now that your kitchen is complete and beautiful, you want to enjoy it for as long as possible.


That’s why we’re here to give you our tips and secrets. Follow our advice and your cabinets will look fresh and new- even long after we’ve gone.


White kitchen with stainless steel appliances


The most important thing you need to remember about your newly installed doors is that the paint is not yet cured.


It’s a water-based alkyd, and it takes time for the solvents in the paint to completely dissolve and bind together to create a durable, hard finish.


This means you have to be careful. So yes, the paint can chip and mark within the first 6 weeks.


Follow our advice and you can prevent any major issues from happening while your cupboards are working their magic.

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Important Tips For Your Kitchen Aftercare


Here are some essential tips you should follow to keep your doors looking fantastic.


  • Wipe up spills right away. Common food ingredients like grease, spaghetti sauce, and red wine will stain/damage the paint. Take care of it when it happens.


  • When you do want to clean your doors, never use abrasive powders, scouring pads, products with silicone, or other harsh chemicals. These will scratch your doors and significantly cause them to lose their sheen. It will also affect the durability of the paint.


  • Use an environmentally friendly mild cleanser. Never spray directly on the door- put the product on a cloth and clean it from there. Less is more, so avoid over-wetting the doors.


  • Avoid hanging wet towels over the top of the doors.


  • Be conscious of how your doors touch each other. For example, a Lazy Susan or corner door will swing out, so watch that it isn’t bashing into an adjacent door.


  • Also, be aware of fingernails that can catch the paint before it’s fully cured.


  • Watch for pot handles or other items sticking out of cupboards when closing them. This can damage the paint.


  • We will install rubber bumpers on your doors/drawers, but if they go missing, replace them immediately.


DIY cabinet rubber bumper


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What if The Worst Happens?


If a chip does occur, here’s how to fix it.


First, access the area and determine if a small artists brush will do the job. Start dabbing paint in the area. Less is more, so add a little, let it dry, and layer the paint until you are satisfied.


Paint chip on old white cabinet


If it’s a slightly larger area on a corner or edge, use a wet sponge sanding block to smooth out the area so that it’s even with rest of the paint. Roll the area with a microfiber mini roller (we use Bennet brand 10mm from Benjamin Moore). Again, less is more. Layer the paint until you are satisfied.


Roller brush. Painting a white cabinet


When to Call Us


So, how do you know when it’s time to call us?


You should call us if the paint is coming off in any excessive way, or if a touchup is required in the middle of a door as opposed to along an edge or corner.


We can come out and take a look, and likely will need to respray the door or drawer in our shop.


Ready to Take the Next Steps? It’s Time to Get Refabulated!


You’ve reached the end of our 7-part guide to a smooth kitchen transformation. Congratulations!


We’ve shown you where to start, and walked you through the kitchen transformation process from start to finish. Now, it’s time to take the next steps.


Contact us to get your free quote and start the Refabulated process. We’ll come out and take a look at your current kitchen to determine what needs to be done to give you the kitchen of your dreams.


If you need more time, you can always start from the beginning and re-read the series. Start here: Part 1- Where to Start.

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