Kitchen Cabinet Repainting in Niagara and Hamilton

Kitchen Cabinet Repainting

Having your kitchen cabinets painted is definitely an investment in your home and not one to be taken lightly.  Kitchen Cabinet Repainting and spray painting your kitchen cabinetry and can save you thousands of dollars and if you have solid cabinetry in good condition. If you have a layout that you love, then it can be a cost effective alternative to a complete renovation or re-facing.

If your kitchen is dated and you’d like to make it more modern there are several ways that can be done. Kitchen cabinet repainting can make a big impact, and changing out your hardware is another way.

When we have clients sitting on the fence about whether or not they would want newly painted kitchen cabinets, we say, go ahead get new hardware, and change out your countertop and get a new backsplash first, then see how you like it.

Most clients come to us after this and move forward with kitchen cabinet painting, because it really does transform your kitchen, giving you a new kitchen at a fraction of the cost.

We find that potential clients like the price, like the environmental impact and like that they don’t have to live through a time consuming mess of a completely renovated kitchen.  Often times they have already made updates to their kitchens with new fixtures and countertops but find maple and oak doors are just not what they want. And replacing  just doesn’t make sense because what they are replacing them with are MDF or other non-solid wood products. 

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