Furniture Painting

It is amazing how a coat of paint can dramatically affect the look of a piece of furniture, totally transforming it, breathing new life, creating new from old. Or perhaps you have a piece of furniture that holds some sentimental value that just isn’t fitting with your decor anymore.  Having it custom painted is an excellent option. 

Most popular is straight spraying with Benjamin Moore paint, the same we use for kitchen cabinetry; durable, sleek and clean.  Using Benjamin Moore paint allows for you to be able to choose from thousands of colours to be sure it will compliment your current decor.  This finish is a good option if your pieces are newer and a bit more modern and in really good condition. 

With the many specialty paints available on the market, we are able to create finishes for older pieces of furniture that help keep the true authenticity of heirloom pieces, layering paints, hand rubbed waxes and glazes that accent the details of some of the more ornate pieces. Also older pieces tend to have more wear, dents and nicks that can really add character, we can work with those “flaws” to blend them to appear as those they are meant be.

Take a look at some of our reFABulated furniture!

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When requesting a quote be sure to let us know the condition of the piece, does it need any repairs or extra sanding, filling etc.  Let us know!

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