Realistic Kitchen Cabinet and Furniture Trends You Can Attain in 2018

white kitchen with block countertop


2018 is the perfect time to revamp your kitchen cabinetry and furniture.


Give your kitchen cabinetry and drabby old furniture pieces a makeover! There are plenty of paint and colour trends surfacing that will put your kitchen aesthetic ahead of the game.


By opting to paint your existing cabinetry and furniture, not only are you saving a ton of money but you are creating a customized look, personalized to you! This will completely transform the look of your existing kitchen or furniture.


We want your home to be an as fabulous as you are, which is why we’ve put together a list of the top cabinet and furniture paint and colour trends for 2018.


Trends are a great starting point for finding the ideal look for your kitchen or furniture, but don’t have to be followed entirely. They’re a good source of inspiration and may include elements you would like to use.  At the end of the day all that counts is that you love your finished product!


Kitchen Cabinet Trends


Repainting your kitchen cabinets is an excellent, and affordable way to completely modernize the look of your overall kitchen. Cabinetry can be seen as the focal  point of a kitchen, and with a splash of paint can take your kitchen from drab to fab. Check out our list of the top paint and colour trends for 2018.


Two Tones


Contrasting coloured cabinetry  can create a very visually impacting look in your kitchen. Whether you’re opting for a traditional or modern design , the use of two colours creates a solid and attractive look.


Create colour diversity by choosing a light and a dark. A common trend for 2018 is the light off- white to grey contrast, resembling the popular marble gradient look.


If you feel two tone cabinetry is a bit too trendy for you, consider just painting your island in a contrasting colour which can create the look for furniture in your kitchen.


This chic look will be strikingly appealing.


black and white two tone kitchen


Dark Plum


A highly anticipated cabinet paint colour for 2018 is a dark, moody plum. While dark cabinets have been a popular choice for some time, a subtle hint of purple brings this look to a whole new level.


The purple hue is not completely overpowering, which adds a subtle ambiance to the room. This shade also matches nicely with either dark or light appliances.


modern dark plum kitchen


Rustic Modern


This trendy kitchen colour palette creates a look that is both utilitarian and modernized at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds.


This look is achieved through clean lines in choosing a solid colour cabinetry, and contrasting with old fashioned elements. These traditional strategies can include rustic hardware, exposed cabinets and adding a touch of distress/stain.


If you already happen to have a butcher block countertop then this is a great trend to implement in your kitchen with the use of a solid cabinet colour.


Colours that compliment this trend great include whites, or even dark greys.



White On White


White kitchen cabinetry has always been popular amongst our Refabulated community, and we expect this trend to still be going strong for 2018.


The simple, minimalist style  of all white cabinets provides a clean and crisp look to your kitchen. The brightness of the colour also helps open up your space as well, making it more inviting.


White painted cabinetry also matches any of your appliance colours and fits in well with whatever aesthetic you’re trying to accomplish.


white on white kitchen


Double Stacked Cabinetry


If you are renovating and looking for more space in your kitchen consider double stacked cabinetry which is exactly as it sounds, adding additional cabinetry to already existing upper cabinets.  If you have the height in your kitchen these upper cabinets can be used for extra storage or if you adding windowed doors a stunning option is to install lighting to showcase displays or simply leaving these areas as open shelving.


Not sure if you have the space?  Bulkheads or soffits are sometimes wasted space, they were built in older homes to create a more finished look, however be sure to check with a professional that they aren’t housing electrical or plumbing elements that you don’t want exposed.


grey double stacked cabinetry kitchen


Beverage Bars


Beverage stations are a popular feature in many homes and create an area for you to start your day with your favourite hot drink, allow smaller children to be more independent or guests to help themselves at parties.  


Desk areas in homes are an excellent location to re-create a more functional area in your kitchen that perhaps will be used more (desks are a bit passé and likely to be junk collectors) all the while keeping up with the latest trends. Consider removing upper cabinetry and replacing with open shelves housing mugs, tea cups, wine glasses and other barware.


beverage bar


Butler pantries (a space between a kitchen and dining room with cabinets for extra dishes, flatware, glassware etc) are also good places to add in a wine fridge and stock alcoholic beverages and generally serve as a quick area to get a drink while staying out of the kitchen and the cook’s way!



Furniture Trends


Now that you’ve found some inspiration for your kitchen cabinetry, it’s time to start thinking about revamping your old furniture. Painted furniture can completely change the look of your room and take your style to the next level. Check out our list of the top trends for repainting your old pieces.


Flat Matted Finish


A solid matte finish creates an expensive, luxurious look among your treasured pieces. This look creates a smooth and flawless finish, leaving people asking if you just bought it out of the store!


This finish looks especially exceptional with darker tones such as dark greys and blacks.  Keeping in mind that with dead flat finishes the paint is less durable and may need a topcoat.  Flat finishes are best for furniture that is more decorative than functional.


flat matte painted dresser


Gold Finishes


Similar to hardware, a brushed gold adds elegance to your furniture. Especially with older and detailed furniture, adding gold to the frame or curved edges looks spectacular. Removing old dull, flat and brass and highlighting these intricate details with gold makes all the difference.  When painting bottoms of legs on furniture this is known as dipping (although no “dipping” is involved)


Colourful Pieces


Having an accent piece brightens and opens up your entire space. Don’t be afraid to take your old dull coloured furniture to a bright red, blue or purple tone!


According to Benjamin Moore, the top anticipated paint colour trend for 2018 is a deep red hue called “Caliente”. This shade is one to consider for giving life to your old furniture since it’s radiant and full of energy.



Another colour that is very pretty and almost considered a neutral is a very very pale pink, almost nude in colour it can be a very stunning additional to an already feminine atmosphere.


Same Colours On Different Furniture


A funky and vibrant technique for furniture repainting this year is using the same duo-toned colour scheme to restore multiple pieces of furniture.


Avoid being too matchy by switching up the dominant and accent colours on each piece. This will add an element of dimension by changing the focus and look refreshing and modern in your home. It will also help one piece of stand-alone furniture in a room look less heavy and serious.


Hardware Colour Trends


Hardware is a great element that has the power to completely revamp the look of your cabinetry. We like to call it the jewelry of the kitchen! Here are the most popular looks for hardware in 2018.


Pop Of Gold


Manufactures and suppliers have increased their product line in this finish, which makes gold hardware an up and coming trend for 2018. A pop of gold hardware looks great with every cabinet colour from light off-toned whites to dark, whimsical greys.


grey kitchen with gold hardware


Mix & Matching Handles & Knobs


Knobs can create a minimalist look, while handles and pulls are more substantial. With so many options, choose what you love, as it’s the finishing touches that really make your kitchen your own.


You can mix and match your style: handles on drawers only and handles on doors or vice versa or any combination you like.  Some drawers (like large pot drawers) cry out for a cup pull which are easy to use and have more presence, plus they are a good option if you are just switching from a knob.  As a do- it-yourself tip, if your drawers have a knob, converting over to a cup pull is a good option because mostly likely the cup pull with cover the old hole, so no need to fill.  When “we-do-it-for-you” we will always fill old holes.


Gold Hinges


The elegance of brushed gold doesn’t stop at just your hardware! Gold hinges extend the accent look of your cabinets.


This look goes great with exposed hinges and a solid cabinet colour. Imagine how great a pop of gold hardware would complement a neutral colour cabinet. A lot of older cabinetry has exposed hardware so by changing the hinges you can modernize the feel of it.


Some doors can also be converted over the internal hidden or european style hinges.  This is an option we can provide for you.  Not all doors are suited to this option so be sure to ask about this.


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Repainting your kitchen cabinets and furniture is a great choice when you want to upgrade your aesthetic without hurting your budget.


Using a professional painting service is the best way to ensure that the job is done right and looks amazing. We don’t recommend doing it yourself, but if you do, please share a photo with us on Facebook. We’d love to see it!


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