13 Genius Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

Kitchen Organizational Tips

If you have ever experienced issues with little to no room while you cook and are looking for kitchen organizational tips, then you came to the right place!



A photo of a couple sitting down on there kitchen floor and enjoying their newly organized kitchen. Kitchen Organizational Tips.


Do you know what the number one problem that people face in their kitchen? Not having enough room! The problems that people specify vary. The busy mom who works all day may find that when she gets home to cook, there is simply no room to cook.  


An adult woman whose children are away at college may want to throw dinner parties but lacks the space to have everyone in the kitchen. Or even couples who love to cook and have every kitchen gadget out there, yet the lack of room in their kitchen makes it impossible to truly enjoy cooking any more.


These are all problems that can be minimized through organizing and decluttering your kitchen. And the best part, you can do this over one long weekend!


What are the Steps to Organize Your Kitchen?


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There are several steps that you are going to want to follow in order to organize your kitchen.


These include:

• Get rid of clutter throughout the kitchen

• Organize those cabinets and drawers

• Pay close attention to your counter space

• Find inventive ways to organize the items that you do have in your kitchen


Ditching the Clutter


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The first step in organizing your kitchen is to ditch the clutter that is seen in the kitchen. The good news is that there are several ways in which you can do this that are budget friendly.


Here are a few tips to keep you started!


1. Get rid of those gadgets that you may never use or have no desire to use. For example, that ice cream maker that was given to you for your wedding, if you haven’t used it and don’t plan to, then this is just taking up space.

Consider putting it in a closet or in a basement, that way you do have it when you need it, but it is not taking up valuable counter or cabinet space.


2. Consider going with space-saving containers for those items that you store. For example, sugar, flour, and spices. While you may keep these in original containers or packages, you will find that going with see-through space-saving containers can create an organized look in your pantry or cabinets.


3. Take the time to look through your cooking utensils. Those utensils that are melted, or otherwise unsightly are probably not something you use, toss them out.


The key with this step is to get rid of items that you don’t use and find new locations for those items that you rarely use.


You want your counters and cabinets to be as clutter-free as possible, as this is going to be a better working space for you.


Organizing Cabinets


A photo of an organized and decluttered kitchen. Kitchen Organizational Tips


Cabinets can easily become a space that contains tons of items and chances are when you are looking for an item, you can’t find it due to the clutter that has accumulated there.


How can you solve this problem?


After decluttering, here are a few genius ways of organizing these cabinets:


4. Consider a Lazy Susan! These are a must-have in every kitchen. Why? They allow you to place items onto a circular rotating shelf that spins so that you are maximizing your space and can easily find what you are looking for.


5. Too many spices stacked in the cabinet? Try magnetic spice holders that you can attach to the side of the refrigerator. It gets them out of your way and easy to see while cooking.


6. Do you have the problem of too many pots and pans in the cabinets? There are a few innovative ideas that can help to free up some space.

Command hooks allow you to hang pots and pans on unused walls so that they are not simply sitting in the cabinet.

Even hanging a small towel rack on the side of the kitchen cabinet can allow you to hang some pots or pans here. It is a modern touch that also frees up the cabinet space.


7. Also, consider a pot rack suspended from the ceiling above an island or peninsula to hang your pots from and also have them easily accessible when needed.


8. Have canned goods in your cabinets? Use a wire magazine organizer to stack these. You will find that this adds a level of organization that makes it easy to find those things you need.


Organizing your Drawers


A photo of an organized kitchen drawer with pots and pans. Kitchen Organizational Tips


We all have a drawer that is dedicated to certain items such as silverware, utensils and the like.

Here are a few ways to keep these organized:


9. Invest into a silverware tray to keep all your silverware organized or consider a standup method that fits in a large pot drawer.


10. Ditch the junk drawer as this can quickly spread onto the counters. Instead, hang a cork board inside a cabinet door where you can put up receipts or letters that you may need to keep. Plus, it makes it easier to find everything.


You can also add in some pretty liner to your drawers to add a bit of personality and style to your kitchen.


Counter Space Issues Solved


A photo of a children sitting down around the kitchen table, while the mother is preparing breakfast. Kitchen Organizational Tips


When you look at your counter space, what do you see? Do you actually see counter or are there numerous items placed on the counters?


While there are times in which some things need to be placed here, you will find there are some innovative ways to get more counter space and find better areas to store some items in.


Here are a few ideas to get you started:


11. Hang little containers inside of the cabinet doors for dish scrubbers, liquid detergent etc. This way they are in a safe location without taking up space on the counter.


12. Instead of having all the fruit on the countertops in original packages, find a double stack wire basket and arrange these artfully in there. You will find that this takes up less space since it is stacked, and it can double as a great focal point in your kitchen!


13. Have a cutting board on the countertop? Put in a wire rack on the inside of a cabinet door to slide this into freeing up tons of space.


You spend a lot of time in your kitchen, thus you want to make sure that when you are in the kitchen, it is a peaceful and organized experience. With these tips, you can take your kitchen up a notch to an organized and easier to use area of your home!



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