Kitchen Cabinet Repainting

Kitchen Cabinet Spray Painting

Having your kitchen cabinets spray painted is definitely an investment in your home and not one to be taken lightly.  We can make your kitchen dreams come true, whether you are thinking of a deep dark chocolate brown island and creamy white doors or sleek steely grey with antique brass hardware or bright white cabinets to show off your beautiful quartz counter tops — We can make it happen!   

What Makes A Kitchen A Good Candidate For Spray Painting?

  • Your Cabinetry Has Good Bones
  • Your Cabinetry Is In Good Condition
  • Your Cabinetry Is Solid & Well-Functioning
  • Your Cabinetry Is Maple, Cherry, Oak Or MDF
  • You Already Have A Painted Kitchen But It Is Tired & In Need Of A“Freshening Up”
  • You Are Wanting A Modern Painted Look
  • You Have Already Invested In A New Countertop & Backsplash & Hardware

Why Should You Have Your Kitchen Cabinetry Painted?

  • It Will Save You $1000’s On Your Kitchen Renovation
  • You Can Choose Any Colour You Like & Completely Customize It
  • It Is Environmentally Friendly
  • Your Doors Are Solid Wood & To Replace You Would End Up with Something of Lesser Quality
  • It Is Less Time Consuming Than A Complete Renovation
  • There Is Little To No Disruption To Your Regular Routine


  • We Are Experts In Spraying Paint – Collectively Over 30 Years Experience
  • We Possess Expertise In Carpentry & All Things Mechanical
  • We Know Kitchen Design & Can Offer Expert Advice
  • We Have An Eye For Detail & Critique Our Own Work So You Don’t Have To
  • We Work With A Team Of Professionals Within The Kitchen Renovation Industry That Can Offer Creative Solutions
  • We Are Homeowners & We Know What It Is Like To Have Courteous, Conscientious, Professionals Working In Our Homes
  • We Are Committed To Your Project & Will Work Until You Are 100% Satisfied

We Are Available For After Care & Follow Up To Make Sure You Are 100% Satisfied

There are many stages and elements to consider when creating your dream kitchen.  Painting your cabinetry is just one aspect and we would love to visit with you in your home and hear about the vision you have for your kitchen.  We can offer ideas we’ve seen in other homes, talk about trends, colours, countertops, hardware and flooring and more!  We also can talk about our process, timelines and what you can expect from your new spray painted kitchen.  Share your dream with us, we are only limited by our imagination!

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