Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing or Painting? How to Get a Kitchen You Can be Excited About.

Looking for something that’ll take your outdated kitchen to a new level? Kitchen cabinet refinishing isn’t going to give you the modern, trendy kitchen you’re looking for. However, a fresh paint job can do the trick.

Do you want a kitchen that you’ll be proud to share with your friends? How about a kitchen that will inspire you to spend more time with your family?

If you answered yes to those questions, painting kitchen cabinets is the solution you need.

At Refabulated, our professional kitchen cabinet painters will give your kitchen the makeover it deserves. Just one paint job can make a difference between dull and bright.

Learn the difference between kitchen cabinet refinishing and painting, and how Refabulated can bring new life to your space.

Repainting Kitchen Cupboards Takes Them to New Heights

We often talk to people who don’t really know the difference between refinishing and repainting kitchen cabinets. Here’s what you need to know in order to make the right decision that’s going to give you the modern, trendy kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Completely refinishing your cabinets can often mean stripping the wood, sanding, altering the hardware, and staining the wood. When you do this, you’re restoring the wood on your cabinets and keeping the same feel.

That means you’re still going to end up with the same wood look that you already had. If you’ve been looking for a change, it’s time to paint.

Painting your cabinets gives you the modern update you need to love your kitchen again.

We paint over the wood with a fresh new colour, or even just touch up the colour you already have. In other words, painting your cabinets is like up-cycling the cabinets you already have instead of getting completely new ones.

You Can See The Difference Between Painting and Refinishing

A stained or natural finished kitchen cabinet is opaque and shows the natural characteristics of the wood with a finish that is durable, but more often than not, not easily able to be touched-up.

Meanwhile, a painted cabinet is a solid colour with a clean finish.

While it does depend on the type of wood we are working with, the grain may still show through. Depending on the light and paint colour, the grain can be more prominent, such as with oak.

So if you’re concerned about covering up a beautiful natural resource (that, unfortunately, is probably brown and dated), you can see that the grain is visible and the wood is very much still “there.”

With a maple or cherry wood, the grain is smoother and less visible under paint and creates a sleek and very modern finish when spray painted.

Painted wood cabinets get you the best of both worlds: long lasting wood structure, the colour you want that will match the rest of your home décor, and cabinets that are easily touched up.

A Trendy Kitchen You’ll Want to Spend All Your Time In

Wood cabinets are becoming less popular because of all the amazing things that paint can do for you. Many homeowners are moving away from the feel of a wood finish to colours like white and grey.

Your kitchen should be a place where everyone comes together. Whether you’re having drinks with the girls or making dinner for your family, it’s a space that should reflect who you are.

If you consider yourself a trendsetter your kitchen should reflect that, and kitchen cabinet refinishing won’t do the trick.

When you have them painted, you can choose any colour you want- you could even pick two! No one will even know they’re the same cupboards you started with.

Painted cupboards are one of the biggest kitchen design trends right now. In fact, many of the real estate agents we work with highly recommend painting your cabinets for an updated feel that can make a huge difference if you want to sell your house.

You deserve a kitchen you can be proud of. If you paint your cabinets, you’ll be amazed at the difference it really makes.

Get One Step Closer to Your Dream Kitchen

So you want your dream kitchen but aren’t sure about what you want to spend. Perhaps you’re at a standstill with the hubby about where the budget should go. Or maybe you’re concerned about the amount of work it’ll take to remodel the kitchen.

That’s not a problem if you go with painting.

Kitchen renovations and remodeling can cost a fortune. Not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on ripping out their kitchen and completely replacing it with brand new fixtures.

Painting kitchen cabinets and giving them a makeover is the most effective way to transform your space without spending a ton of cash. It costs a fraction of what you’d have to pay for a full renovation or remodel.

That means you can keep some of what you have leftover in the budget to buy that new margarita machine you’ve had your eye on.

Refinishing your kitchen cabinets is messy, time-consuming, and more expensive, and it won’t give you the appearance you’re looking for.

If you were to renovate and opt for completely new cupboards, you’re likely going to get a substrate that isn’t actually real wood and costs at least twice as much money, if not more.

Not to mention, painting is the fastest way to get a kitchen you’ll love without living in a construction zone for an extended period of time. Our process takes about 2-3 weeks, while a remodel job could take you several months.

Refabulated Brings Your Kitchen Cabinet Ideas to Life

If you’re looking for a professional team to put a fresh paint job on your kitchen cabinets, that’s what you’ll get with Refabulated.

We’ve been working in the business for 6 years, and have seen a ton of different kitchens over time. It’s our job to take your kitchen and breathe new life into it.

One paint job on your cabinets can completely brighten up the room. White kitchen cabinets can capture the natural light and make it look ten times brighter without changing a single light fixture.

Everything else in your kitchen will stand out once you’ve got sleek new cabinet colours. That means you can keep the appliances you have instead of buying new ones because they’ll look different against the new backdrop.

Chat with us to learn more about how our process works, and how we transform your favourite room in the house. Painting your cabinets means we’re updating the cabinets you already have, but you’ll feel like you have completely different ones when we’re done.

Contact Refabulated Now to Give Your Old Kitchen New Love

It’s time to love your kitchen again, and a fresh look and feel will do exactly that. At Refabulated, we make it easy for you.

When your cabinets are becoming outdated and the feel of your kitchen is just not doing it for you anymore, call us. Our skilled kitchen cabinet painters work hard to restore beauty in homes all over the Niagara region.

We don’t stop there- we’ll give your kitchen the modern, sleek feel you’ve always wanted, without the inconvenience of a renovation. You’ll be itching to invite your friends over to show off your new kitchen in no time!

If you live in or around the Niagara area, contact us now to set up a quote and chat with us about taking your kitchen from drab to fab!