Decorate Like a Pro: How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Colours

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Can’t decide what colour to paint your kitchen cabinets?


You’re in luck! Today, we’re bringing you a fun and inspiring article with tips from Susan Greco, a local interior designer and founder of Susan Greco Interiors.


From window treatments to flooring and kitchen design, Susan has worked in many different facets of the interior design field. While she founded Susan Greco Interiors four years ago, she has been involved in the interior design industry since 1985!


You can learn more about Susan’s services at her Facebook page, or by calling 905-351-2269.


With the following expert tips from Susan and Refabulated, you’ll have the perfect kitchen colour scheme picked out in no time!


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1. Let your kitchen design be your guide



One of the easiest ways to decide on a kitchen colour scheme? Use your kitchen’s design style as a guide.


Generally speaking, traditional kitchen styles look fantastic with classic cabinet paint colours like whites and creams. Plus, these lighter tones will give you the freedom to incorporate splashes of colour and contrast throughout the kitchen.


If you have a modern kitchen, bright colours and contrasting tones can work really well. Consider vibrant reds, bolder shades of blue, or even a hint of neon!


Black, grey, and dark green are also great choices, especially if you want to create a sense of contrast in an otherwise light-coloured kitchen.

Susan’s tips:

“Traditional design would look great with creams and soft whites. For modern, sleek cabinets, you can have fun with bold bright colours. This choice will make a statement in the space.

Online photos and magazines help with inspiration. Keep in mind the size and style of your home.”

2. Go for a timeless shade



Whether your kitchen is contemporary, tradition

al, or somewhere in between, you can’t go wrong with timeless cabinet paint colours!


White is a common go-to because it feels clean and fresh and it’s always in style.


If you don’t like the idea of white cabinets, look to nature as a source of inspiration for other timeless colours – think earthy shades like grey, taupe, and cream.

Susan’s tips:

“I recommend timeless colours: soft whites, soft grey’s, or soft earth tones. Timeless is key!! I believe in classic design and timeless decor.”

3. Consider the space


Is your kitchen big or small? Does the room get natural sunlight?

These types of questions are important because your kitchen cabinets can completely transform your space. Lighter cabinets can make a room look larger, while dark cabinets are best in a big, well-lit space.


Susan’s tips:

“By lightening the cabinets, you make your room appear larger. Larger spaces help to make you feel happier and it will add value to your home. The size of the space also dictates colour choice; lighter tones help the room to appear larger, while dark colours can close in a space…. be careful.”

4. Look at the other colours in your kitchen


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Before you make a final decision, examine the other colours and items in your kitchen.


Look at your counters, floors, walls, appliances, and backsplash. If there’s already a lot of colour in the room, choose white or neutral cabinets.


Pick a colour that matches all the shades in your kitchen – even if they don’t come from paint!


Susan’s tips:


“If you are not doing a total reno then I would use something in the space as a colour inspiration, such as floors. They are the most permanent and largest item in the space.

Wall colour also dictates your cabinet colour. If you are not painting your walls, you must be careful of your cabinet choice.”

5. Choose a colour that makes you happy


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Your colour choices set the tone throughout your home, so choose a shade that makes you happy!


When you look at paint swatches, which one puts a smile on your face? That’s when you know you’ve found the one.


Remember: your cabinet colours have the potential to influence your emotions every time you step into your kitchen.

Susan’s tips:


“Cabinets take up the majority of the space, so they can definitely affect your mood. Pick a colour that makes you happy and that reflects your personality.”

6. Determine the undertone


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Undertones can make or break your kitchen colour scheme.


Since undertones aren’t always immediately apparent, always put the shade you’re considering next to a pure example of that colour.


If you skip this crucial step, there’s a good chance your entire colour scheme will feel a bit off.

Susan’s tips:


“From your paint chips look at the darkest colour – it will help you to select the true undertone of the colour. Then look at the top of the row. I prefer the lighter tones… the colour on the upper portion of the paint chip.”

7. Are you selling?


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You may not know how long you’ll live in your home, but if there’s a chance you might sell in the future, stick with neutral colours. This way, your home will appeal to a wider audience.

Susan’s tips:


“Staying or selling: if you are selling you must keep cabinet colours soft and neutral. Keep the overall space inviting. Kitchen and baths can sell your home – neutral tones are key.”

8. Don’t forget lighting



You also want to make sure the colour you choose works with your lighting. If your kitchen’s light sources are primarily electric, you’re probably going to pick a different colour than you would for a space with lots of sunlight.


For the most part, dark colours complement rooms with electric lights, and bright colours work well for naturally-lit spaces.

Susan’s tips:


“If you are not buying new lights, take it into consideration. Wattage, lots of windows, no windows, colour of the bulb, bright white, soft white – they will change your paint colour.”

9. Have fun



Sure, neutral colours look great in almost any kitchen, but don’t choose white if you think it’s boring! Kitchen cabinets are a great place to have some fun, so don’t be afraid to unleash your adventurous side.


If you love yellow, why not consider a light or pastel shade? Is blue your go-to? Try sky blue, which looks awesome with white and stainless steel appliances. Want to create a farmhouse country feel? Mint green is a great option.

10. Can’t decide? Try two colours


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If you’re really struggling to decide, compromise by using two shades of one colour. Or, you can even incorporate bold and neutral colours with two-toned cabinets.


Contemporary and chic, two-toned cabinets can breathe unique life into any type of kitchen.


It’s easy to see why this design style is one of the biggest kitchen trends right now!

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