How to Choose a Stove Colour

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Stove Paint Colours: What You Should Know

Are you redoing your kitchen?

Often, renovating a kitchen (by looking at stove paint colours!), is a great way to add life back into your home, as you may have a kitchen that is outdated. An outdated kitchen can make your entire home look out-of-style!

When you are renovating a kitchen, people often focus on the cabinets and the countertops, which are the two main areas in which you can upgrade and change. However, another great way to add life back into your kitchen is through the appliances, namely the stove.

Having an outdated appliance in the kitchen is going to clash with those newly painted cabinets and modern countertops. So, how do you go about choosing the perfect stove colour for your renovated kitchen?  

To choose a stove colour, there are several pieces of advice that you are going to want to keep in mind when ultimately making your decision. Let’s highlight all the tips to help you make choosing a stove colour easier!

New Kitchen Renovation. How to choose the best stove paint colours. Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Niagara.

Stick Out or Blend In?

Are you wanting your stove to stick out or blend in? This is the first question that you need to ask yourself.

There are those who are wanting to purchase appliances that stand out from their cabinets or flooring in a way that makes the stove the main focal point in the kitchen.

Others prefer to have the appliances, including the stove as something that simply blends in. They do not want the stove to be the first thing that people see when they walk into the room.

This is something that you have to decide on your own, and each person will have their own answer.

There are Drawbacks to Colourful Appliances

For those who are looking at those colourful stoves and appliances that are meant to add a pop of colour to the kitchen, they do have their drawbacks. According to The Spruce:

  • Bright colours often date a kitchen faster than those neutral coloured stoves
  • It can be harder to replace the stove with the same colour later since these trendy colours often are in and out of stock more often than those neutral coloured stoves and appliances.
  • Coloured appliances are often more expensive

The drawbacks are short and long term. This has many people considering what the best option is not only for how their kitchen looks now, but what it will look like in the future.

Red Kitchen cabinet painting. How to choose the best stove paint colours. Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Niagara.

To Match or Not Match?

When you are replacing the stove during a kitchen remodel, one question that many people have is if they have to match the existing appliances that you may not be replacing.

When you walk into most any kitchen in the area, they often having matching appliances. Meaning that their stoves, refrigerators, and microwaves are all the same colour. Do you have to follow this unwritten rule?

No! There is no written design rule that you have to have a stove that matches your refrigerator. However, in most cases, people like the consistent design of having appliances that are the same colour.

Do keep in mind that when you do decide to opt for a different coloured stove than those other appliances in the kitchen that you are making it stand out. Are you comfortable doing this?

For those who love to cook and are getting a stove that is super impressive, they are often happy to make it stand out.

This boils down to whether you want this stove to be a focal point or not. The key is to go with your personality and what you feel most comfortable in doing!

Your Most Popular Options

What are the most popular options when it comes to stove colours for your kitchen? These are the basics: white, black and the stainless-steel look.

These are the options that most home renovation stores will have in stock ready to sell you that day.

Those who are looking for design colours like red, teal, yellow or the like will find that these are special order items. This may play into your decision as to what colour of stove you are getting.  

With this being said, what does a white, black or stainless-steel stove say about you? Are these colours going to give a message to those that come into your kitchen? Check this out:

  • A white stove is often less noticed in a room since it often blends into the background. Black stoves are a bit more upscale than white stoves. But, remember, a dark stove can make a room appear darker depending upon the cabinet and floor colouring.
  • Stainless steel is by far the most popular option that is out there. They are sophisticated and often blend in with any type of cabinet colour that a person has. They often work in any situation, which cannot always be said for white or black.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing. How to choose the best stove paint colours. Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Niagara.

Tips for Mixing Coloured Appliances

For many renovators, they simply want to replace the stove, yet they are going to keep their refrigerator and other appliances. They often ask can you mix the finishes on these appliances?

You don’t have to buy a white stove just because your fridge is white. After all, whatever coloured stove you get may mean a small extra project of making your refrigerator blend into this new design. How can you mix these coloured appliances?

Here are a few tips:

  • It works better if your stove is somewhat alone in the space of the kitchen that it is occupying. This way it doesn’t become as noticeable that other appliances are different colours.
  • Consider using hiding techniques for those appliances that do not match the new colour of the stove. For example, some manufacturers offer magnets that can change the colour of your dishwasher. Maybe even consider having cabinet doors installed over the fridge to hide the true colour of it!

Some Final Words…

When you are renovating your kitchen, this can be stressful. However, you should not make this even more stressful on yourself when it comes to picking out a stove colour. Some final tips to remember:

  1. Go with your gut feeling. Is there a stove that you have seen that you simply loved? Then go with it!
  2. Remember, you may want your kitchen to be trendy now, but you always want it to be in style in the foreseeable future. Try to avoid choosing colours that are the “it” colour for now, as you may regret this decision within a year.
  3. Remember to choose a stove based on how well it functions. You will be cooking in this kitchen, as well as using this as an area to gather.
  4. Remember those coloured cabinets! Remember that the cabinets are often the first thing that people see when they walk into a kitchen. Be sure that you are choosing a stove that works well with these!

Now that you have the perfect stove colour in mind, don’t forget that we can help with getting the kitchen cabinets updated to give you a whole new look!

At Refabulated, we can show you just how a new coat of paint can make all the difference. Call me today for a free quote on what we can do for you at 905.228.1401!

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