How It Works

How to Repaint Kitchen Cabinets With Refabulated

Before We Arrive

Before we arrive we ask that you remove all hardware from your doors and drawers (if possible) and give your doors/drawers a wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any food particles and grease. 

Excessive cleaning required on our part will result in a surcharge. We also ask that you sweep your kitchen floor, focusing particularly behind the fridge and stove as well as the toe kicks. (if you have pets, you will know fur loves to collect under there)

When We Arrive

The in-home painting takes approximately 2-3 days depending on the size of the kitchen and the amount of detail. The rule of thumb is that if we can easily remove an item and take it with us to spray in our shop, we do.

This can include valances, crown molding, shelving, end panels etc. If we feel an item cannot be easily re-installed it will be painted in place. This is left to our discretion unless the homeowner agrees to uninstall and reinstall themselves.

All door and drawer fronts are labeled, numbered and removed. There is no need to take all items out of your cabinets since we are painting just the fronts, we can work around anything that is in our way.

While in your Home

Our steps are to clean, lightly sand, one-two coats of primer and as many coats of paint that are required to provide a smooth painted finished that covers well. We tape all surfaces and floors we cover appliances and countertops.

The Spraying

Your doors and drawer fronts are the most important to us, so we spend lots of time cleaning and sanding, we can fill and redrill for new hardware.

We spray 2 coats of primer, sanding between coats, 2 coats of paint on the back side, and 3 coats on the front. We use HVLP spraying equipment. We use Benjamin Moore ADVANCE


When the doors are completed we come with your doors wrapped up and we rehang them. We provide you with bumpers and reinstall your hardware. We also take a good look and provide any touch ups as needed.


We explain the aftercare process in detail, the paint takes about 30 days to cure, the paint will come off if the doors are banging up against each other and it is important to be careful when reaching for a handle, if you catch your nail on the paint that could result in a chip in the paint. If there is a major problem with your doors, we will do whatever we have to fix the issue.

How To Repaint Old Furniture With Refabulated

Get A Quote

Send us a picture for us to see, we will provide you with a rough estimate. Price is going to depend largely on the condition of the piece and the finish requested. We check with you and alert you of any change in price before we do anything.


Yes we can make small repairs to pieces of furniture, like gluing rails for chairs or a tacking down piece of veneer. In some cases we can do a bit more extensive repairs, but please don’t assume we are able, sometimes we can source this work out, other times it might be beyond our skill set.

During the Process

We realize some of our finishes can vary by taste (chalk painting, how much distressing or how much dark wax etc ) therefore we are happy to have you check into see how things are going and if you’d are liking how it’s turning out. We can send you pictures of progress or we can make an appointment for you stop by and take a peak

Pick Up & Delivery

We are happy to come to your home and pick up your furniture and deliver it back to you upon completion. It is very important to note that we are not movers, we don’t and cannot move furniture from basements or second storeys. When we indicate that we provide pickup and delivery services, we mean we expect you to have people on your end to load and unload.

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