Our goal is to give your doors the best painted finish we can, sometimes we are limited by the condition of the doors, sometimes hardware needs to be replaced (hinges can get sloppy overtime especially in an older kitchen or a well used and loved kitchen) and sometimes doors get warped, or have cracks or damage we are unable to fix.  We try to manage your expectations during the initial visit to  your home and we examine the doors, the condition, how they close, if we foresee any issues we let you know ahead of time, what we can and cannot fix.

With careful use of your doors and regular maintenance (wiping up spills immediately and keep your freshly painted cabinets clean and not using harsh chemicals) you can expect your doors to last 10+ years.

Prices will vary depending on the size, condition and style of your kitchen.  For an averaged size kitchen you can expect to pay between $4000-5000.  Please send us pictures either through our site or text to 289-690-1047

Benjamin Moore ADVANCE

Yes! Hardware is the jewellery of your kitchen and it’s the finishing touches that really make your kitchen come together.  

Please feel free to browse at www.marathonhardware.com or www.richelieu.com. We offer discounted prices when you purchase through us! 

Yes, there is an extra charge for this and it does depend on the design and structure of the door but it is something we offer.

Pick your counter top first, then your backsplash, find something your fall in love with, then pull your cabinet colour out of that. Your linear areas should complement each other (ie flooring and countertops) backsplashes should be the accent but complimentary and cabinet colour pulls it all together.

As far as installation, we prefer to complete the onsite painting prior your countertop going in because many installers use non-paintable silicone to seal the top to the cabinetry, this makes it difficult for us to paint. The order tends to be, but no hard and fast rules, flooring, in home painting, countertop, backsplash, finished doors and drawers installed, wall/room painting.

If your countertops are already installed, we do have tricks up our sleeves to combat this, so it’s not an insurmountable issue, this is simply our preference.

We will take anything we can un-install that does not disturb the main infrastructure of the kitchen, if we can get it off and it will go back on with ease, we prefer to spray in our shop.

Yes. Please discuss with us.

30 days – It is important to be careful during this time, fingernails can catch the paint and chip it, pots handles or other items sticking out should be watched, as well as not allowing one door to bang up against another as in the case of a corner bi-fold door.

With ease, if the chip is on the corner, take a fine grit wet sanding block and gently rub to smooth the paint, with a roller with very little paint on it, roll the spot, let it dry and repeat, less paint is better, then layer it up until it matches the surrounding area.

If there is an issue with a center mark in a door or drawer front, please call us, the door/drawer will likely need to be re-sprayed.

There is generally no reason for a top coat over the Benjamin Moore ADVANCE paint when spraying kitchen cabinetry. The paint is durable and strong. The topcoat will change the colour of your paint and is considered overkill and unnecessary.

3 year warranty

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