8 Ways to Add Personality to Your Kitchen


Are you feeling “blah” about your kitchen?


If you answered with a resounding “YES,” it might be time to spice up your kitchen with some much-needed personality and flair.


There are so many ways to personalize your kitchen remodel or renovation. A fresh coat of paint, unique lighting fixtures, and a few well-thought-out statement pieces can take your space to a whole new level.


And the best part? You can create the kitchen of your dreams without undergoing a full renovation.


Here are eight fun and creative ways you can boost your kitchen’s style and bring a fresh feel to the heart of your home.


1. Have your cabinets spray painted


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Here at Refabulated, we know a coat of paint can completely transform the appearance of your kitchen.


In fact, it’s a simple way to give your dated cabinets the modern look you’ve always wanted.


Adding a coat of white paint to dark cabinets will instantly update your kitchen and make it appear bigger and brighter.


Want the best of both worlds? Consider adding one of the biggest décor trends of 2018: two-tone cabinetry.


The design options for your kitchen cabinets are endless, so let your imagination run wild!


Additionally, when you hire a professional painting company like Refabulated Painted Kitchens & Furniture, you’re guaranteed a kitchen makeover that will leave you speechless. Just take a look at some of the pictures in our before and after gallery!


2. Get creative with cabinet doors


Why not get creative with your cabinet door designs?


Opt for glass doors to showcase items in your cabinets like fine china, antiques, wine glasses, or colourful dishes.


Whether you choose ribbed, frosted, or crystal clear, installing glass inserts can create a light and open feel in your kitchen.


You can also mix glass cabinets with solid cabinetry to make a bigger impact and create a completely unique style.


If you don’t like the idea of glass cabinets, mirrored doors are a fun and contemporary alternative.


Thinking of replacing your cabinet panels with glass doors? We can help! Contact us to learn more.


3. Choose fun hardware


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If you’ve had the same hardware for years, adding new a new knob or handle can drastically change the style of your kitchen.


Try replacing run-of-the-mill knobs and pulls with a new style, finish, or material to make your cabinets stand out. From metal to glass and stainless steel, there are so many fabulous possibilities.


Modern metal finishes like brass, bronze, and gold are quickly becoming a favourite in many homes. Not only do they complement a variety of cabinet colours, they also add an effortlessly elegant feel.


Another great way to spice up your knobs and pulls? Go beyond the kitchen aisle and choose unique hardware pieces designed for other rooms or furniture!


These simple finishing touches will really add that ‘wow’ factor to your kitchen!


4. Experiment with lighting fixtures


One of the easiest ways to customize your kitchen design is with lighting.


Once you’ve factored in practical task lighting, it’s time to get creative. Add character with pendant lights that hang over your sink, island, or kitchen table.

Explore unique shapes, sizes, and colours to create a bold statement. Geometric shapes can add contrast to traditional kitchen features, while oversized pendant lights can liven up an otherwise plain space.


And don’t limit yourself to overhead lighting; LED lighting underneath base cabinets to illuminate the floor can add ambiance (and act as a functional night light!).


5. Add a bold rug or runner


kitchen rug inspiration. how to add personality to your kitchen.


Rugs can bring a vibrant splash of colour to any room in your home – especially your kitchen.


Plus, they’re a great way to soften the space, adding texture and warmth to balance hard surfaces and floors.


Look to contemporary stripes or intricate ornamental patterns to completely change the energy and personality of your kitchen.


Once you’ve chosen a rug you love, look for a few accessories that draw from its primary colours to create a sense of continuity.


Moreover, area rugs and runners are a great option if you like to switch up your style with the seasons. Simply remove your rug or choose a new colour palette to instantly create dramatically different winter and summer looks.


Just be sure to choose a material designed to stand up against frequent wear and tear and spills!


6. Incorporate clever storage solutions




Storage space is a must in any kitchen, but there’s no need to skimp on style when adding extra organization solutions.


If you want to maintain a sleek and sophisticated look, floating shelves can double as elegant wall art and a functional storage unit.


To organize those random items you never seem to have enough space for, consider adding a hollow island to free up central storage space. Or, if you’d rather keep them hidden, toe kick drawers (concealed in the baseboards of your cabinets) will do the trick.


Don’t overlook the insides of your kitchen cabinets! Adding innovative organizational accessories like spice pullouts, recycling pullouts, and utensil and dish organizers will ensure your kitchen is as orderly as it is beautiful.


7. Include statement pieces


how to add personality to your kitchen. kitchen cabinet spray painting niagara.


Statement pieces are another simple way to inject personality into your kitchen.


Add a vintage cabinet to contrast modern décor, or display a unique piece of artwork. You could even incorporate something as simple as a bright teakettle for a dash of pizazz on your stovetop.


Whatever you choose, make sure it’s practical or serves a purpose without creating clutter.


8. Choose stylish window furnishings


Our final tip to customize your kitchen remodel? Consider dressing up your windows.


When it comes to choosing kitchen blinds, you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. Look for blinds, shutters, or curtains that complement the room and reflect your kitchen’s décor.


For a classic style that will never look outdated, faux wood blinds are a fantastic option. (Plus, they’re easy to clean if they happen to come in contact with food or grease.)


For a bigger statement, try adding a patterned roman shade to really make your windows pop.


If you choose fabric shades, pick a colour that matches one of the shades in your countertop to tie the room together and create a finished look.


Ready to refresh your kitchen? We can transform your space in a number of ways!


Here at Refabulated, it’s our mission to get you excited about your kitchen again!


There’s no doubt we’re experts when it comes to painting kitchen cabinets, but we can also take care of important finishing touches.


During a Refabulated kitchen makeover, we can refinish your furniture, replace panels with glass doors, add sconces, crown moulding, and replace hinges with European hinges.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can turn your kitchen design dreams into reality!



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